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The Purpose of Jesus (newsletter #7) - The Kingsways
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The Purpose of Jesus (newsletter #7)

The Purpose of Jesus

We have come to know that all the problems of the world are rooted in the Fall of Adam and Eve, our first ancestors. Adam and Eve, who were at the perfection stage of the growth period, had a sexual relationship before their rightful time, due to the temptation of Satan. The Fall was an illicit sexual union of a man and woman. This is why, over thousands of years, people have continued to commit such indecent acts, treacherous acts that drive a sharp spike into the heart of God. They have been unable to escape from the realm of Satan’s fallen lineage.  

A man or woman alone can only be one half of the whole. That is how God created us. For that reason, He has interchanged the owners of the sexual organs, the love organs. The owner of the wife’s sexual organ is the husband, and the owner of the husband’s is the wife. Only when each is rooted in true love for the sake of the other, are they in the position of the owner of their spouse. In other words, irrespective of who they are, human beings can only become complete individuals—rather than one half—when they have secured the position of an owner through marriage. What does it mean when you say that each spouse owns the other? It means that both are, through true love, living for the sake of the other.

The human sexual organ is sacred. It is the palace of life where the seed of life is sown, the palace of love where the flower of love is made to bloom, and the palace of lineage where the fruit of the lineage is given life. Through this absolute sexual organ, the absolute lineage, absolute love and absolute life are brought forth; and absolute harmony, absolute unity absolute liberation and absolute tranquility are brought about.

However, because of the Fall, the first Adam lost the original, true lineage and consequently, failed to form the original couple and the original family. Adam, who should have become the true teacher, the true parent and the true king, inherited the lineage of Satan and was degraded to the position of a false teacher, false parent and false king.

When we come to think of it, the purpose for Jesus’ coming to earth did not lie elsewhere: it was to reverse the effects of the Fall. If Jesus, who came as the second Adam, had not lost His life on the cross, He would have restored the original lineage of God, unrelated to the Fall, and would have made up for the failure of the first Adam, established the true family as the Savior of humankind, and founded the original homeland for humankind; the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth! However, the primary actors of the day failed to recognize Christ, and their disbelief caused Jesus’ life to come to an end in such a wretched and tragic way.

Has anyone really known the grieving heart of Jesus, whose passing from the earth was so untimely, and who left no descendants? Though two thousand years of Christian history have passed, has there been any Christian who truly understood Jesus’ sorrowful circumstances?

Jesus departed this world suddenly, leaving few traces other than a promise to return. The will that God had tried to fulfill through him is finally in the process of being completed at this time, at the conclusion of history, through Christ at His second coming who has received the seal of heaven and appeared on the earth with a new name (Rev 3:12).

To be continued in the next letter…