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Spring Special Offer

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Buy all four of our books in English or Spanish for just $45 with free shipping.  Available for the USA market only.

These books bring to life the building of the Kingdom of Heaven on the earth right here, right now. The dream of 2000 years of Christian history is awaiting your input!


All four of our books for $45

Absolute Good Sex


Sex dominates so much of who we are today, and along with the incredible confusion surrounding our sexual identity can bring us great misery.

In this book, we look at sex from the Judeo/Christian perspective. With the operating instructions God has given us we can find happiness as an individual, as a family and as a society.

The freedom that clarity of heart and mind brings is in stark contrast to the enslavement of carnal desires. We invite you to join us in this wonderful journey of discovery towards true love.


Book One. From the Cross to the Crown and Beyond


Why, if Christ died for our sins, is this world still so full of evil? What was the purpose of Jesus’ life? Was it connected to the original purpose of creation and what is that original purpose? Where do we stand right now in God’s providence and the fulfillment of His original purpose for us?

All these questions are answered in this first book of the Gospel Family Trilogy.


Book Two. He Has Come Again with a New Name. Revelation 3:12


This second book in the trilogy details the life of the Lord of the Second Advent. It touches on his childhood, his calling, and on through his life and victories. You will learn what he has suffered and done for the sake of you and me, and what he has accomplished for God and humankind.


Book Three. Gospel Family: A Guide to the Kingdom


This is a guide to family life in the new era of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth and describes a lifestyle centered on it.

Christ, at His first coming, taught us to pray for God’s Kingdom to come on earth as it is in Heaven.

At His second coming, He has taught us practical ways to actualize this kingdom within our daily lives. This book explains it in an easy to read, step by step way that is essential for all families wishing to participate in the Kingdom.


“¡Ahora están disponibles en Español!”


English, Spanish


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