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On to Eternity (Newsletter #3)

I’d like to continue the topic from the last newsletter. It seems such an important thing to keep in mind.

Those who know the existence of the spirit world understand that our life in this physical world is short, and that the world we enter after death is eternal. Hence, physical life is a time to prepare for the eternal world.

We must find a way to overcome all the complicated circumstances in the physical and spirit worlds and the complex human thought systems. We should be aware of the amazing fact that we can go forward with one clear set of values by aligning ourselves with a single simple direction. We will inevitably follow certain stages of development and preparation in our lives. A certain force will accompany us through the stages along the way. The driving force of love can respond within all the realms of our life. Thus, we are born in love, receive love, give love and go to the world of love. We return to God. The resultant being returns to the causal being. Therefore, we must think in the same way as God thinks – with true love.