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Moving on to Eternity. (Newsletter #2)

Gaia and I read something from Christ at His second coming this morning that I thought clarified the very basic purpose of our physical life. As you know, we go through 3 phases of life:

From conception we are in a world of water, totally protected and all our needs supplied through the umbilical cord. Then the end of the world as we know it happens. The water goes away, and we go through a traumatic experience called birth.

We live in this world of air for 90 years or so until the next traumatic experience happens – death.

We move into the eternal world of spirit.

Our life on earth is really very short when looked at from the perspective of eternity. But it is so important because it is the preparation for our eternal life, just as our life in the womb is the preparation for our physical life.

Why are Christians shaken as their circumstances change? It is because of their concept of eternal life. They have no confidence regarding that issue. As to the question of whether they can lay down their lives in order to overcome their circumstances, we see them backsliding into living mostly to satisfy their present needs and meet their social obligations, all the while experiencing distractions coming from all directions. Unless the proper concept of eternal life is implanted in these people, they will fall away in midcourse. What can implant the proper concept of eternal life? Love alone can do this. The true love of Christ.

The path of faith is not preparation for life on earth but for that in the eternal world. People having this conviction can take care of themselves. As people pass the ages of forty and fifty, and the day of their death draws closer, the more serious they become about the issue of eternal life. The older they get, the more serious they become. Our thinking dims as we grow older, but when the concept of eternal life is implanted, we become more serious with age. Consequently, in the future, only a religious ideology based on the true love of Christ can lead this world. Regardless of the frequently changing circumstances and ups and downs we face in life, as long as we maintain an absolute concept of eternal life, nothing will be a problem.