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Heaven’s secret (Newsletter #6)

As you may remember, we have been talking a lot about our physical life being preparation for our eternal life. This does not devalue our time here on this earth but actually gives it immense value. We are eternal spiritual beings and so this short time on earth is but a speck when compared to eternity. It is like a most perfect diamond. A diamond is tiny in size but immense in value.

We absolutely need to enjoy our life and live it to the fullest. Challenge ourselves, climb the highest mountains, learn all about the amazing creation God has given us, but most of all learn to love. Love as a child, as a sibling, as a couple and as parents. God has given us an operating manual in the form of the bible, and a guiding light in Jesus. These have both been expanded immensely by Christ at His second coming. 

Along these lines, we have prepared a second gift in the form of the attached video link:

Please enjoy and feel free to pass it on.

May God Bless you.