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A Testimony of the Messiah. Part two (newsletter #9)

This is the continuation of the previous newsletter and is quoted from Christ at His second coming:

I never wished for nor sought this position, but I was anointed by God and placed in the position of the Savior, Messiah, returning Lord, and the True Parent of humankind. It is a position that is absolutely free from the influence of Satan’s realm. I, Reverend Moon, have been charged by God with practicing and demonstrating first hand a life based on the truth and on submission to the conscience. The path of a true parent, true teacher and true owner that I am walking will allow the people of the world, who are going six and a half billion separate ways, to be reconnected to God at a ninety-degree angle. The absolute, good spirits in the spirit world, who number more than 300 billion, are testifying in unison to this fact. The founders of the great religions, principally Jesus, as well as great philosophers and thinkers, and even some communist leaders, are shedding tears of gratitude for this amazing truth.

However, the life of Reverend Moon, whose task is to complete the mission of true parents, has been one of sorrow, marked by inexpressible suffering and persecution. The Third Adam, the True Parent, needs to indemnify and completely reverse all the failures of the First and Second Adams. His task is to complete not only the missions of the Savior, Messiah, and Lord at his Second Coming, but also the missions of all those major figures from whom religions have sprung. With similarities to God’s creation of the universe, his life has constituted the great work of the recreation of humanity, whereby not even the smallest error is permitted.

Mine has been a lonely course that can be neither fully comprehended nor shared with anyone. It has been a course that took me down thorny paths through the wilderness – paths that I had to follow while utterly alone. Not even God could acknowledge me. Hovering many times between life and death, even vomiting blood, my life has been one of establishing a model ideal family of absolute sexual morality; I have had to rise again and again to remain true to my promise to God.

Though I was innocent, I have had to endure unjust imprisonment six times: for working in the underground independence movement when I was studying in Japan in my early days; for propagating the will of God in Pyongyang, which was under communist control immediately after Korea’s independence from colonial rule; during the Syngman Rhee administration, after Korea had been reborn as a free nation; and, even in the United States, which proudly presents itself to the world as a model of democracy. Who on earth can understand my eventful life – a life that has been one of perfecting the model of absoluteness in conjugal love? Mine has been a life of misery; by biting my tongue I have endured for the sake of God, who deserves pity, and for the salvation of the fallen people of the world who are suffering in the realm of death. Even now, if someone were to look into my heart and speak just one word of sympathy, I would burst into tears and they would flow like a great waterfall.

There are several clear reasons why Heaven designated the person standing before you, Reverend Moon, as the true parent of humankind and thereby opened up a new era. First, it was on the foundation of my having successfully practiced living for the sake of others. That is, throughout my life I have practiced the values of a life of true love, emerged triumphant, and offered that triumph to humanity. All human beings are born to live for the sake of others. However, because of the ignorance resulting from the Fall, people practice the complete opposite, selfish individualism. I have revealed this secret of Heaven and imparted this knowledge to humankind for the first time in history. God is fully aware of the path my life has taken, through thick and thin.

Second, I have dedicated my life to overcoming all obstacles and laying a victorious foundation. Through the education provided by the actual practice of true love, I have fulfilled all the conditions necessary for recovering and establishing the parent-child relationship between God and humankind. I have opened the way for human beings, who became the children of the adulterer, Satan, the enemy of love, and who have lived as slaves to false love, false life and false lineage, to be reborn and resurrected into the true lineage of God, the source of true love. In other words, I have opened wide the path for people to reach full spiritual maturity as individuals and to establish true families, true clans, true peoples, true nations and a true world, by leading lives of true love.