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A Testimony of the Messiah. Part One (newsletter #8)

This is the continuation of the previous newsletter and is quoted from Christ at His second coming:

At the age of sixteen with nothing but a buoyant spirit and the aspirations of youth, I was called by Heaven and began to live for the will of God. This left no room in my heart for any worldly ambitions I may have cherished. It has never been an easy path, but I have followed it for my more than 80 years, looking nowhere but straight ahead. This was the life I was fated to lead with no choice but to shake off the embrace of my beloved parents and brothers and sisters, who clung to me wanting me to stay with them. They endured great self- sacrifice and walked a thorny path of sorrowful suffering for my sake.

My life has been a journey through the wilderness that no one among the 6.5 billion people on earth could ever comprehend. Because I have spent my life discovering and disclosing the secrets of Satan, it was inevitable that I would face persecution. At times the suffering was so intense as to be utterly beyond words. Even when I persevered through the hardships of prison life six times, I never let go of the key to the providence; such has been my life. This was because I came to know only too well how anguished, aggrieved and full of bitter sorrow was the heart of God as He waited for thousands of years to find us. I realized that, if God, who is the origin of billions of people and the creator of everything in the Universe, was not relieved from His sorrow, human life would remain completely without value.

I have dedicated my life solely for Heaven; I have not lived for personal glory or comfort. I have walked a thorny, lonely path, stained with blood, sweat and tears, hovering in a state between life and death. Yet I have surmounted and triumphed over this course of inexpressible suffering and tribulations. I received heaven’s seal and was made fully aware of the destination of God’s will, holding dearly to heaven’s command to bring salvation to humanity. I rose again and again like a phoenix, pressing on with my turbulent life.  Now life is bearing victorious fruit for the sake of the billions of the world’s peoples. I was victorious over all obstacles and can now declare the Era after the Coming of Heaven, the age when the power of heaven becomes manifest. 

God longed with all His heart that someone would appear and resolve the tragedies of God and mankind, but no such person appeared on earth. God waited and waited, looking for someone who would take on the role of true parent. God’s joy on finding such a person is unimaginable. It is a miracle of miracles that for the first time in history, a man has succeeded in attaining the position of Adam. He has secured the status of the owner of true love and received God’s anointing as the True Parent of humanity. That person is the first and probably the last to hold such a position in history; he holds the keys to free humankind from Satan’s bondage and to lead them to heaven. That person is standing before you today. It is an amazing fact that his lifetime coincides with yours, and that you and he breathe the same air. He is the horizontal true parent who comes to rescue fallen humanity. I have gained the victory in that position. God called me to bring humankind to live as one global family in a sacred reign of peace under God, by overcoming the tragic reality humankind is facing. 

(To be continued in the next newsletter)